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Just in:  Herman Cain makes historic stop in Villages, Marion County Florida.  Marion County Commission Chairman Stan McClain welcomed Presidential hopeful Herman Cain.  Marion County Sheriff Candidate Dan Kuhn and a host of local GOP officials filled the hall joining hundreds of enthusiastic supporters.  Candidate Cain outlined his points of governance to standing applause.  Florida launches presidential Candidate Herman Cain.
Stopping SB 550 and reversing the anti-growth effects of DCA and FDCP is a goal of the Springs Fest Celebration this year.  Commission Chair Stan McClain gave strong support to an all volunteer force atSpringsFest.com and the citizens who make Springs Protection possible. Silver Springs Working Group.com and Rainbow Springs Working Group.com leaders feel this is the year to stop Gainesville's Kanapaha Sewage Effluent Discharge to the Aquifer feeding Silver and Rainbow Springs.  Water Czar Bob Burton declared; "6 million gallons of sewer effluent on top of Alachua's billions of Storm Sewer discharge to the Alachua Sink is killing our Springs".  Ex-Senator Constantine was successful in blaming the general public with a "poop tax" requiring homeowners to pay to transport their effluent to City Utilities via Pump Trucks.  SpringsFest.com is working to help stop the misinformation about Springs Protection.

Central Florida Leadership is providing a strong Economic Recovery Action Team for Governor Rick Scott.

VFW Fort McCoy Home is a Central Florida Destination all year around. Christmas Program to be a don't miss occasion.

Florida's Best Visit, You are invited by the Florida Economic Action Team, From Governor Scott to over 18,000,000 Floridians. Come Visit when you can!  Senator Alan Hays invites you all to come Visit!

Here is some Florida Art for your viewing enjoyment. 

Philips home in Weirsdale burns days before Christmas.  Lake Weir Kiwanis and the Gammons Charitable Foundation kick in to help the family.  

 Ambers still smoking and Ron Beal is organizing a purchase of what the family needs to start live anew.  Merry Christmas everyone! 

Ocala Kiwanis passes the hat for Lana Philips and her family after the fire took the almost 100 year old home.  Dollar General of Summerfield Manager is one of the first to help during a shopping effort for the family.  Marion County School employees created a fund for the Phillips Family, at the Ward Highlands Elementary School.

Ron Beal, George Albright and Don Browning of the Lake Weir Kiwanis started the ball rolling toward recovery for the family.  A Marion County Sheriff Lake Watch Photographer documented the fire. This is the classic Fire burns family home to the ground days before christmas.  

To Donate Call or Write to the  Weirsdale Presbyterian Church in Weirsdale Located at 16303 SE 137th Ct Weirsdale Fl 32195 Phone 352 821 2757.

Ocala Best Destinations.  MCAGallery East in Belleview, Kings Gallery in the Villages, Browning Gallery in Weirsdale.

Ft McCoy VFW Retirement Home is one of a kind.  Visit our vets in Marion County to see the finest!

Boating, Photography, Horses, Farms, Lakes, Rivers, you came to the right place for repeatable days in Paradise.

Everyone else has a web site, so I figured, why not me too? On this site I'll describe myself and share my interests and ideas.

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